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Generator lyrics


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        Like a rock, like a planet
    Like a fucking atom bomb
    I'll remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness
    that I encounter everywhere I turn,
    I've seen it all before,
    in books and magazines,
    like a twitch before dying,
    like a pornographic sea,
    there's a flower behind the window,
    there's an ugly laughing man,
    like a hummingbird in silence,
    like the blood on my door,
    it's the generator
    oh yeah, oh yeah, like the blood on my door,
    wash me clean and I will run until I reach the shore,
    I've known it all along like the bone under my skin,
    like actors in a photograph,
    like paper in the wind,
    there's a hammer by the window,
    there's a knife on the floor,
    like turbines in darkness,
    like the blood on my door,
    it's the generator
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